Gesch Auction Services, LLC is doing business as The Round Rock Auction House. Gesch Auction Services, LLC has been offering services since 2012 with W. Mark Gesch as the licensed auctioneer and owner of the company.

Who we are

The main team members are all former Public school employees. Their respective job titles have ranges from classroom teacher to administration and college professor. Because of their valued and diverse backgrounds, the members of the team are able to connect with each client.

We are willing to come talk to you about your needs.

Although auctions are our primary function, we are open to any option that meets the needs of our clients. Our first step in the process is to meet our potential clients and understand their needs face to face.

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A bit of history

We have done numberous auctions through the past few years. Finding a permanent home has been one of the goals of the company. Usually it proved to be a challenge to connect with us because of the wide range of locations. In June of 2017 the company finally established a home at 2709 Sam Bass Road.

Mark, Karen, Robbin, and Doc have been the primary team throughout this process. We have learned a great deal through the different situations with which we were presented and look forward to offering even more services with online, live, and hybrid auctions in the near future.

Gesch Auction Services, LLC